Lotus Herefords

Located in the picturesque New England region of NSW, Lotus Hereford Stud operates from "Old Farm" Pinkett and aims to produce cattle that are functional, profitable and versatile to suit the varied and regularly changing Australian conditions.

With sustainable a key word in agriculture today we operate with just that in mind in our land management and the type of cattle we produce.

We believe that stud and commercial bulls should be of equal quality. Our stud and commercial cows are run as one herd using the same quality sires under the same conditions, selection and performance criteria based on structure, milk, temperament, constitution.

Like all beef producers we have been performance recording well before Breedplan.  We believe that Breedplan is a guide not a rule and should be used in conjunction with visual appraisal of structure, temperament, skin and hair type.

We host a open day followed by our annual bull sale which is held the last Thursday in July.

We hope you enjoy the snapshot of our cattle and property contained on our website.  If you have time or are passing by please call in and visit, we would love to show you around.