Why was “Lotus” chosen as the stud prefix ?

When consideration was being given to a prefix many titles were bandied about. Colleen Holliss mentioned that during the dry times the Lotus Major that had been established on the wet areas of the property had proven to be a savior in dry times (along of course with the Hereford constitution!) and suggested “Lotus”.


In 1919 Albert Holliss purchased the property known as “Old Farm”. The property was once controlled by the Mitchell Station and on area of black loam the station carried out farming for station supplies – hence the name “Old Farm”.  In 1943,46,71 & 85 adjoining properties were added to “Old Farm”.

In 1946 hereford cattle were introduced to the property. The commercial Hereford herd was founded in the very early 1950’s by Albert & Clara Holliss with sires from the then predominate studs and females from selected herds. This practice has continued through the years of selecting sires to produce the strong fertility, milking and doing ability of the females we have today.

In 1982 the commercial herd was classified as a Pure Bred Commercial Herd by the Australian Hereford Society.

1982 was also the year that the “Lotus” Hereford Stud was founded by Oliver & Colleen & son Tony based on females from the Bolong, Ironbark and Lea Gollan studs, with sires from Tummel and Bolong. Later females were purchased from Hillcrest, Tummel, Strathleigh, Gorian, Courallie, Cootharaba, Valley and Willgoose.  Over the years sires have been purchased with predominantly Australian bloodlines and using imported genetics on a limited basis.

Stud and commercial cattle are managed as one herd.

Steers produced on the the property have won and been placed in Hoof & Hook competitions, while progeny by Lotus bred bulls have been successful for clients in similar competitons, breeder & weaner sales locally and in other areas.

Cameron & Ace in more recent years have exhibited our cattle in the show ring with success.