N Stapleton 17.jpeg

With our 2022 sale just around the corner, preparations are underway. 


We will continue to upload images in the next few weeks.

Lot 1 - Lotus R0027 (H)(HPR)

Lot 1.1.jpeg

Lot 2 - Lotus Requistion R170 (H)

Lot 2.3.jpeg

Lot 3 - Lotus R0010 (H) (HPR)

Lot 3.1.jpeg

Lot 4 - Lotus Reflect R160 (H)

Lot 4. 4.jpeg

Lot 5 - Lotus Redford R118 (H)

Lot 5.5.jpeg

Lot 6 - Lotus R0040 (H) (HPR)

Lot 6.3.jpeg

Lot 7 - Lotus Resolution R108 (H)

Image on its way

Lot 8 - Lotus Request R114 (H)

Lot 8.1.jpeg

Lot 9 - Lotus R0011 (H)(HPR)

Lot 9.1.jpeg

Lot 10 - Lotus R0024 (H)(HPR)

Lot 10.1.jpeg

Lot 11- Lotus Rollex R101 (H)

Lot 11.1.jpeg

Lot 12 - Lotus Ready Set R183 (H)

Lot 12.4.jpeg

Lot 13 - Lotus Random R105 (H)

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Lot 14 - Lotus Rum (H)

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Lot 15 - Lotus Rhythmic R100 (H)

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Lot 16 - Lotus Recoil R106 (H)

Lot 16 .4.jpeg

Lot 17 - Lotus Review R193 (H)

We wanted to support Nathan, a former local & NRL player who suffered a spinal injury recently playing a game of football. Research into Spinal Injury is vital, you never know when your $ is the one that can make the difference.

50% of proceeds to be split between Nathan Stapleton Support Fund & Spinal Injury Research.

A bull with a lot of softness & red meat.

Lot 17.jpeg

Lot 18- Lotus R0003  (H)(HPR)

Lot 18.2.jpeg

Lot 19- Lotus R0001  (H)(HPR)

Image on its way

Lot 20 - Lotus Ramsey R104 (H)

Lot 20.2.jpeg

Lot 21 - Lotus Recruit R107 (H)

Lot 21.jpeg